"Man has made many machines, complex and cunning, but which of them indeed rivals the workings of his heart?"                                                                                                                   -Pablo Casals

Hello, my name is Dani Person (pronounced "Donnie"), and I am the current lead composer for the game formerly known as Mother 4, as well as for Hebi Studios (SA, TX). Welcome to my website!

Whether you are looking for chip tunes for your 8-bit game, or a fully realized musical score for live instrument, I will guarantee your music will push your game or film to the edge of novelty and entertainment.

Please click on the link above for my FULL PORTFOLIO for released and shipped titles. Use the contact form and/or email information for rates and availability. I would love to chat with you as you create the game or film of your dreams.


Popular Works

Upcoming Titles!


Jack and Casie (release TBD)

Nintendo Switch

Ramfire: Cores of Valoria (release TBD)


This playlists is a small but popular portion of works that received upwards of 400,000+ plays on Soundcloud and Youtube


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Recently Released Titles

Rageball, 2017

(Partial Music; Steam Release Only)

Iron Games, 2016

(Primary Music and SFX)